Photography’s Most Overlooked Skill

Culling out images is a huge, important and time consuming task.

When shooting a pose, it's very common to have a handful of images that look almost identical. We don't need to edit or deliver all the images from every set.

I know every image you take is like your little child. You spent time on it and you crafted it into what it is. But now is the time to be strong and ruthless. You need to select the best of the best. I’m not saying every image needs to be portfolio worthy, but it does need to be the best image of a set. If it takes you more than a couple back and forths between images, then you are thinking too hard about it. If you the photographer cannot tell the difference, then your client won't be able to either. Pick one, ditch the other, and then move on.We select only the best couple images, or even a single image to be edited from each set of duplicates.

Our selection will be excuted on basis of information you will provide us on order form.

Our Culling Criteria -

  1. Best Composition
  2. Expression
  3. Variations
  4. Percentage and your customized requirement
  5. Importance of moment
  6. Culling out unwanted duplicates, out of focus images, bad expressions, eye closed
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